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per user/month
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What is a predictive dialer?

A predictive dialer is an integrated software module that works through your contact database. It speeds up productivity in your sales department and helps managers turn more leads into clients. With a predictive dialer, you can customize your clients' journey from start to finish.

The software collects and analyzes data to determine which agent is available and can answer first. The more data it collects, the fewer times clients spend waiting. This means that operators aren't wasting work hours with unanswered calls and dialling, and customers aren't waiting for someone to come on the line.

Selmo Features

Predictive dialer
Interactive scripts
Outgoing calls
Call Recording
Free calls within the service
Uploading call recordings
Online access to call recording
Smart time-zone solution
Real-time graphical reports
Duplicate contact elimination
Spreadsheet export report
Questionnaire survey
Setting up events and reminders
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