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What Does an Outbound Call Center Do?

What is an outbound call center? Well, while an inbound center receives calls from clients, an outbound center sends out communications. The main purpose of such a center is to boost sales and marketing. Some key focuses include setting appointments, generating B2B leads, and conducting market research.

At Selmo, we provide powerful software for these centers, ensuring efficient cold calls, lead qualification, and lead generation for your agents.
what is an outbound call center
What Does an Outbound Call Center Do?
Within a call center, outbound agents bring all sorts of new opportunities to businesses of all industries, as it brings your marketing efforts to a whole new level. Our software will help scale your operations to any size. Our solutions eliminate the need for manual dialing, and they automate many other areas of your operations, including appointment setting, telemarketing, B2B sales, and more.

How Selmo Software Helps in Outbound Operations

Call with a Predictive or Power dialer

Auto dialer connects an agent to a call automatically. In Power mode, it dials numbers one by one. In Predictive mode, it makes lots of calls at the same time. It predicts when agents will be able to answer and routes live calls to the next available person.

Integrate Selmo with any tools you use

We developed API for you to make your sales team work all-in-one-place and earn many times more conversations with the same number of employees and hours.

Monitor conversations with the call recordings and speech analysis feature

Selmo recording software capture audio recordings of agents' conversations. This software can monitor both outgoing and incoming calls. All recordings are stored encrypted on remote servers. Only you will have access to the data.

Save your agents time with the smart IVR feature

Testing a segment’s interest in a product, inviting them to a webinar, reporting the delivery of an order, calling loan debtors – all these are routine tasks that a voice autoinformer for business can perform faster and more efficiently than a team of agents.

Use the scripts and surveys to control your Sales and standardize customer service

Depending on the type and purpose of the call, you can create several conversation scripts in the service and link them to scripts. The required script is automatically loaded into the calling card when the agent talks to the customer. Therefore, the agent always sees the text of the script directly on the calling card.

Keep all clients’ data in a safe place

Selmo stores your call data for six months free of charge, with no capacity restrictions. Store 10, 100, or 1,000 GB and upload it to your servers at any time—no restrictions. This is especially great for large call centers with high call volumes.

Selmo Outbound Call Center Software: Top Features

3. CRM integrations

Our software integrates with powerful CRMs, including Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce with API.

5. Task and user management

Your outbound call center agents will be able to set up tailor-made workflows during and after any client interaction. They can use the software to customize interaction elements, including emails, notifications, automated surveys, confirmations, and more.
With such tools, your outbound center will have better agent productivity and more efficient workflows—and agents can use the saved time to solve customer issues and give your callers an even better customer experience.

1. Predictive dialer

Our software’s predictive dialer and auto dialer allows your outbound agents to make calls efficiently. It ensures that all agents are connected to new clients once they are available.

2. IVR

Customers are automatically engaged across multiple channels, including SMS and automated voice calls.

4. Inbound and outbound calls

The software isn’t just applicable to your outbound center—it can manage inbound tasks as well.

6. Call recording and speech analysis

Recordings can be used for training purposes. Your center’s supervisors can do quality assurance on thousands of interactions, no matter which channel they take place on, and flag patterns of poor performance.

7. Real-time reporting
and spreadsheet exporting

The software will provide you with real-time insights. Export your campaign results for easy filing.

10. Contact imports and management

Your outbound center agents will be able to manage and import new and old contacts in the software, as well as keep track of when to place follow-up calls.

8. Interactive scripts

Create specific outbound call center scripts for lead generation, follow-ups, market research, surveys, and more.

9. Call forwarding

When needed, outbound agents can use the software forward callers to the appropriate department.

Frequently Asked Questions

The meaning of an outbound call center is the department that sends out communications. The agents are responsible for generating leads, cold calling, following up on old clients, conducting surveys, and more.
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