Enterprise Call Center Platform

A Cutting-Edge
To ensure your enterprise call center runs at its most efficient, you need to make sure it’s backed by the very best software. Selmo’s enterprise call center platform includes a number of features to help boost performance and efficiency.
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Reliable and Scalable Software

Call centers deal with massive volumes of calls every day and must keep up with an ever-evolving industry in order to ensure a positive customer experience. Our reliable enterprise contact center platform provides you with the scalability necessary to make this work.

Useful Call Center Software Features for Your Enterprise

When searching for contact center solutions for your enterprise, you want to choose one with a broad range of useful features — look no further than Selmo!
Our cloud-based software means you can instantly scale your services to meet your current requirements or seasonal needs, whether that means scaling up or down.
Selmo is fully integrable with your existing software and can be customized at any time in order to better suit your needs and workflow.

Instant Scaling

Full Customization

Our servers have an uptime rate of almost 100%, meaning you’ll never have to worry about your servers going down and impacting performance.

Virtually No Downtime

With our service, your agents will have all the necessary tools and information at their fingertips, all in one easy-to-use, intuitive desktop.

Easily Navigable Agent Desktop

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Our cloud-based software allows you to enjoy an unparalleled degree of flexibility, with fully scalable, customizable services tailored to your business.
Full CRM integration ensures that your agents have access to all the necessary customer information, allowing them to provide your clients with a complete personalized service.
Selmo’s automated call routing means that your customers will instantly be patched through to the appropriate agent or department.
Our IVR technology can help lessen your agents’ workload by helping resolve the easier, more routine issues that come up.
With Selmo, you can easily and securely record and store phone calls, whether to be used in training and coaching programs or as resources to help keep agents up-to-date with customer cases.

Cloud-based Software

CRM Integration

Seamless Call Routing

Interactive Voice Response Menus

Call Recording Functionality

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Selmo’s software includes even more advantageous features for your contact center enterprise, which help to make it one of the best communications solutions available today.

Even More Benefits

Reviewing analytical data can help you to identify problematic areas in your call center’s performance, enabling you to take the necessary action to manage these issues.
By using our platform to monitor the performance of your enterprise cloud call center, as well as that of individual agents, you will find yourself better able to make useful decisions for your business.

Boost Performance Using Call Analytics

Track Your Call Center’s Performance

Our enterprise call center software can also help management staff track and enhance center performance more easily thanks to the various monitoring and analytics features included in our platform.

Monitoring and Analytics


There are countless reasons why our platform stands out from other enterprise contact center solutions available on the market. That being said, our flexibility, customizability, and dependability are three of the main reasons why our clients choose our services.
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