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Selmo’s CRM call center software boosts efficiency and gives your agents the tools needed to provide the best customer experience.
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What Is a Call Center CRM?

At its simplest, CRM call center software is a “customer relationship management” system that helps centers manage customer interactions. This can include anything from phone calls and emails to more complex interactions like live chats and social media interactions.

Selmo offers powerful CRM software to enhance your service and sales calls, and to help your agents provide better customer service.
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Why Connect Your Call Center to Selmo’s CRM?

There are many benefits of using a CRM for a call center. Here are just a few:
With Selmo’s CRM software, your call center can easily centralize customer data. This data can include contact information, purchase history, customer preferences, and more. It is stored in a centralized database, making it easy for you to access and use it when needed. But why is this important?
With Selmo’s CRM software, your call center’s management becomes more automated. For instance, the software is able to automatically schedule outbound calls based on pre-set rules. It’s also possible to set up IVR, so callers can receive answers to basic queries without needing to remain on hold.
Call center CRM software unites all departments within your business on one central platform. Therefore, Selmo software ensures that every team member is on the same page, is aware of the same customer information, and is able to contribute to the customer’s journey.
There are several ways in which CRM software can support you in measuring the effectiveness of your call center. For instance, Selmo’s software can track the number of contacts that are made with each customer. This includes inbound and outbound contacts, as well as the percentage of conversations that were resolved.
With CRM call center software, you can ensure that each and every customer interaction is handled in a professional and efficient manner. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Happy customers are more likely to stay with your business for the long haul.

It Centralizes Customer Data

It Improves Call Management

It Facilitates Cross-Department Collaboration

It Helps You Measure Call Center Effectiveness

It Enhances the Customer Experience & Increases Retention and Revenue

How Does Selmo’s Call Center CRM Empower Inbound and Outbound Teams?

Selmo’s CRM software is full of features specifically designed to improve call center operations. These include:
Automate the inbound and outbound call process with smart routing and auto dialing
Get a detailed history of each customer’s previous interactions with your center
Integrates with IVR function, letting you automate routing calls like feedback gathering
Detailed analytics are available in real-time and historically
Integrations with other business tools
The features listed above can have an enormous positive impact on the productivity of inbound and outbound call centers.
A robust web application that doesn’t require any installations
Workflow automation tools that allow you to increase productivity by streamlining your center’s processes
$75 billion
Businesses lose
every year
of consumers
of customers
of consumers
just because of poor customer service. Even if you have the best agents, nobody can be perfect all the time — but automation removes the “human factor,” allowing for better accuracy during interactions with callers
customer service plays a huge part in brand loyalty
expect their issues to be solved in the first interaction, and Selmo CRM’s detailed history of callers allows your call center to improve its first contact resolution rate
desire a fully self-serve customer service option, which is what our IVR provides

Here’s a clear-cut comparison of a call center with and without CRM software

Without CRM Software
Callers have to wait on hold even to get answers to simple questions like business hours.
Everything is done manually, and mistakes are sometimes made. For example, calls are routed to the wrong department.
Records of callers' histories are sloppily organized, or not kept at all.
How it works
Clientlife-cycle tracking
Call Recording
How it works
Clientlife-cycle tracking
Call Recording
With CRM Software
The IVR system allows callers to get quick answers to common questions.
Automation highly decreases the likelihood of mistakes in call routing.
Records are kept in a centralized system, allowing every agent to provide callers with a personalized experience.

What Integrations Does Selmo CRM Software for Call Centers Offer?

Using APIs, you can integrate our CRM software with just about any app or system you want. For instance, you can connect your in-house system via API, enabling you to share data between both systems and optimize business processes.
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CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management.” So using a CRM in a call center means that you can track and manage customer information, providing callers with a better experience.
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