Marketing Conversation Analytics

Make data-driven marketing decisions with Selmo conversation analytics.
Get to know your target audience by listening to your agents' conversations.
Increase agent engagement, customer satisfaction, and efficiency. Selmo boosts contact center performance and client loyalty.
Determine the best marketing conversation strategies to boost revenue.
Run a test predictive call.
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Improve Marketing Campaigns With Speed and Accuracy

Create actionable insights from customer data, and then put those findings to use.
By transforming consumer data into actionable insights and new business possibilities at scale, conversational analytics helps leading brands become increasingly customer-centric.
If you analyze every single interaction with a consumer, you can stay in tune with their needs and expectations.
Conversation marketing analytics allows marketers to better allocate resources by focusing their efforts and receiving instant responses.
Focus on capturing the attention of your target audience by using the most effective marketing language and message platforms
Adjust tactics using in-depth information on client demands and purchasing habits to boost financial outcomes
Develop more detailed personas by drawing from a wider pool of data describing customers' needs, problems, and paths

Analysis of Every Customer Interaction

Understand Whether a Marketing Campaign is Successful

Conversation marketing analytics allows marketers to better allocate resources by focusing their efforts and receiving instant responses.
Before committing to a large-scale marketing campaign, run tests with a focus group and evaluate their reactions.
Less time and effort will be needed to examine data and find insights that can be used to make decisions.

Test Your Marketing Message

By rapidly adjusting your strategy based on customer feedback, you’ll maximize the success of your campaigns.

Benefits of Selmo's Software for Marketing Analytics

Evaluate Any Marketing Channel With Selmo’s Powerful Analytics

Selmo performs an in-depth analysis of all customer interactions, picking up on details and highlighting valuable insights from each channel’s impressions, giving you a prime opportunity to scale and mold your marketing campaigns.

Gain Deep Customer Insights to Drive Business Improvement

Record all interactions with clients to get an accurate picture of what’s really going on with every sale. Without this information, you can’t improve your understanding of your agents and customers, and your business’s overall success will grow stagnant.

Improve Marketing Results While Staying on Budget

Conversational high points that directly impact revenue should be reviewed, and shared. Selmo can give you actual call data and allow you to spot errors and find new opportunities. Get down to the bare bones of what makes your sales interactions successful while remaining within your marketing budget.

Change and Refine Campaigns Based on Real-Time Client Feedback

Discuss real-time call information in order to make adjustments, train employees, and implement best practices. Make data-driven decisions based on your business insights. Use call information as a compass to boost efficiency, earnings, and positive results.


Conversational analytics extracts data from text and voice exchanges between customers and agents or chatbots.
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