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Why Is Call Analytics Important for an Optimized Customer Experience?

Decision-making is a critical skill that helps companies reach their ultimate potential, benefiting both workers and clients. Utilizing call center analytics can provide decision-makers with all the insight required to make good decisions for their business and ensure their clients are one hundred percent satisfied with the service they receive.
Call analytics help call centers enhance the experience a client receives when they seek assistance with a new product or service. This is a major factor in generating a loyal client base and setting your business apart from all the others out there.
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Why Should You Use Call Center Analytics Software?

Using call analytics software can greatly simplify running your call center. An analytics program allows you to quickly find and address problems within your business. This ensures that you are working at optimal efficiency at all times, guaranteeing client satisfaction and increased revenue.

Pre-made report templates

Fully customizable dashboards

Optimized workforce management

More revenue

Real-time call tracking analytics data

Use widgets to create personalized dashboards for different positions within your company.
Managers, supervisors, and agents can keep track of their goals and targets.
Easily track KPIs.
Generate clear, easy-to-read reports with a click of your mouse.
Use a wide range of fully customizable pre-made report templates.
Utilize your staff to the best of their abilities, making use of their individual skill sets.
Help employees achieve their full potential.
Guarantee happy customers.
Get real-time tracking updates so you can respond to issues as and when they arise.
Address problems quickly so your clients can enjoy seamless service.
See how much more money your company can make when it incorporates call analytics!
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Call Analytics Tools

We provide our clients with a wide range of analytical tools, meaning you have an incredible amount of flexibility in how you handle call center analytics.
With this method, the call center analytics software searches audio recordings of previous calls for data, looking for particular phrases used by the agent and the client. Working with this data helps to refine customer exchanges, meaning your clients leave the call feeling satisfied.
Instead of calls, this approach analyzes text-based conversations — for example, emails, instant messaging logs, or even social media exchanges between the company and the customer.
This method considers your center’s historical data alongside previous performance, thus predicting potential problems. This gives you plenty of time to think of effective, efficient solutions.
The omnichannel approach considers data from the various digital channels your clients use to interact with the call center. If you’re able to determine which your clients tend to favor, you will be better placed to brainstorm ways to enhance your customer care.

How Has Selmo’s Analytics Software Helped Contact Centers Enhance Their Customer Service?

To experience the full benefit of call center metrics analytics and reporting for both your business and customers, you need reliable, user-friendly software you can trust. Our call center analytics software has already helped loads of our clients achieve their full potential and keep their customers happy.
Here’s what our clients have to say.
"Selmo's call center analytics software makes it easier than ever to keep track of targets and monitor key performance indicators. For instance, average handle time used to be an issue for some of our operators. Selmo’s call recording functionality has made it easy to target areas of improvement to greatly reduce the time it takes our staff to deal with issues."
Dana Cook
"We love how simple Selmo makes it to compare the most recent contact center data. With just a couple clicks of a mouse, you can see conversation information, manager activity, customer interaction, and so much more! This has made it so much easier to isolate and address problems, meaning we’ve been able to set more useful goals for our staff, greatly increasing their overall performance."
Hugo Wilkins
Sales Supervisor
"Despite all the information it helps you monitor, Selmo’s call center analytics platform is super clear and easy to navigate, so it’s simple to find what you’re looking for. Before using this program, our operators used to have to ask callers for the same details again and again when they called. Now, with Selmo’s easily navigable tech, they can quickly bring up the relevant information in the middle of the call, leading to a more personalized experience."
Ethel Turner
Head of Contact Center

What is call analytics?

These metrics are known as KPIs. By tracking these figures over time, you can determine whether your center is reaching its targets, meaning you can make better-informed decisions.
Call center analytics bring together and analyze performance metrics within a contact center in order to determine your agents' effectiveness and efficiency in dealing with customer concerns and queries.
speech analytics for call centers
KPIs—short for key performance indicators—are statistics that can be used to monitor how a contact center and its employees are doing. A few examples of measurable KPIs include:
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What are KPIs in a call center?

Average handling time per client.
Average time a customer spends in the queue.
Average client hold time.
Escalation rate, measuring how often an agent escalates a customer query to a senior staff member.
Client satisfaction rating- most often gauged through customer surveys.

Looking for Call Center Analytics Software for Your Business?

1. We offer comprehensive call analytics services, including audio recordings, call center speech analytics, real-time reporting, and more.
2. With our call center analytics software, it’s easy to keep on top of call center issues, meaning you can resolve problems as they arise. Whether you’re looking to boost first contact resolution with customers, increase the effectiveness of call center agents, or discover insights into client behavior, we can help.
3. Our free demo allows you to get to grips with our call center analytics software before purchasing it and allows you the chance to see what our product offers. We also offer product tours led by helpful, knowledgeable representatives who can answer any questions you may have about our software.
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Good customer service should always be held as a core tenet of your call center. After all, without happy clients, your business probably won’t stay afloat for very long!

When thinking about customer service, there are a few questions you should try to answer. Is it easy for clients to get in touch with your call center? Do your agents resolve customer concerns and queries quickly? In turn, do you listen to and learn from the experience of your agents? To ensure the best possible experience for your clients, each of these questions should be answered with a resounding yes.
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