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Selmo’s inbound call center software allows your agents to quickly and accurately connect with callers. Use this software to provide stellar service and improve your first contact resolution rate.
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inbound call center software

What Is Inbound Call Center Software?

Inbound center software uses skill-based routing to connect callers with an agent that best suits their needs. This means that customers won’t be stuck in a looping hold. They are connected with a representative with a compatible skill set and level of expertise, meaning that the resolution time is optimized.
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What Is Inbound Call Center Software?
Inbound software gives you a 360° look at every single customer as soon as they join the queue. Your agents will be able to fully anticipate the caller’s needs, allowing them to deliver above-and-beyond customer service.

What Can Inbound Call Center Software Solutions Do?

Route Customer Queries to Available Agents
Inbound center software will route every inbound call to relevant agents as quickly as possible. Skill-based routing ensures that callers are matched with agents who have the proper skills and level of experience to deal with the problem. What’s more, the agents will receive the customer’s information in their workspace, allowing them to quickly resolve the issue — and on the first call.
Because agents are receiving context from the system for every call, they can provide a personalized experience to callers. Inbound software provides agents with the customer’s name, problem, and previous interactions. Before the conversation event starts, your agents will know their callers’ needs.
With real-time data, center management teams can easily spot issues and customer trends. Some software offers speech analysis, which can be reviewed to uncover key phrases and topics.
An interactive IVR allows customers to perform certain operations over the phone without needing help from an agent. They can also answer a voice prompt and speak about what kind of personalized service they need. Since the IVR gathers information in advance, when the customer is connected to an agent, they can receive a faster resolution.
Help Customers With an Interactive IVR
Keep Your Customers Happy With Personalized Service
Provide Real-Time Analytics for In-Depth Insights

Key Features of Selmo Inbound Software for Support Teams

Now that you know what inbound software can do, and how it can optimize your call center, let’s take a look at some specific features of Selmo software
Selmo inbound software fully integrates with industry-leading CRMs, allowing your agents to gain valuable insights about customers before even picking up the phone. With our software, you’ll get quick access to ready-to-use integrations, making it easy to connect the CRM tools you already use every day, from Microsoft Teams and Salesforce to Google Workspace. Using CRM software with inbound call center software allows you to customize your solution as needed, as an all-in-one platform.
With our real-time analytics, your center can get insights into many business and operational KPIs. Our software gives you details about conversation activity, the level of service, customer sentiment, and much more. Set up a preferred frequency for reporting, and export the results as a spreadsheet. Keep an eye on the insights and get a snapshot of individual and team performance.
Use those analytics to determine which agents need to be trained in certain areas. Is the first call resolution rate too low? Are waiting times too long? Pinpoint the inefficient areas of your inbound call center and make changes accordingly. Besides viewing reports, you can also gain insights through our call recording feature. Managers can also check on efficiency in real-time by listening in on calls.
Selmo inbound software helps provide the best possible customer experience. Our intelligent routing algorithms take into account preferred agents, skills, and customer personas. Use our software to avoid common mistakes. By following a logical, rules-based path, our routing system prevents an overloaded system, and callers won’t end up in a permanent loop.

CRM Integrations

Call Center Analytics

Train Agents

Call Routing

Our self-service IVR feature lets callers get quick answers to common questions, with no need to wait to speak to an agent. For instance, you can set up answers to queries about your business hours and order statuses. IVRs also go well with auto call-backs: customers can request to be called back when an agent is available, rather than waiting on the line.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

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What Our Customers Have to Say About Selmo

We have remote employees working in our inbound call center, so we wanted software that would provide a unified virtual workspace for all agents. Selmo did that and more! Our productivity has gone way up, and every agent has the tools they need to provide stellar customer service. If you are struggling with efficiency because your team has moved to a remote setting, Selmo will help.
Sally Herrera
Business Development Executive
Our previous call center software had glitches. We were running into issues with the automatic dialers, which negatively affected our operations. Out of all the software we considered, Selmo stood out the most because of its extra features and deep analytics. We’ve been using it at our center for several months now and haven’t run into any issues.
Clayton Bass
Account Manager
My company is admittedly old-fashioned, and my agents were doing most inbound call activities manually. A colleague of mine recommended Selmo, and I was skeptical at first but decided to look into it. I really appreciate how seamless their onboarding was. Their representative cleared up all questions I had about the software and explained how call routing and IVR could boost the efficiency of my agents. So far, so good!
Eugene Howell
Chief Executive Officer
Our previous inbound software struggled with downtime, so we searched for software with the highest possible uptime. Selmo was one of the best options we found, and their wide array of features was what sold us on it. Ever since implementing the software in our center, our average call handling time has improved significantly.
Zyrell Hinton
Call Center Manager


An inbound call is initiated by the customer rather than by one of your agents. Some centers handle inbound calls, others handle outbound ones — and some centers may handle both. Selmo software provides plenty of features for both types of calls.
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