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A call center is an essential part of any business, helping to build connections between you and your clients. As such, using the right call center software is key to growing your company. Selmo is here to help.
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Reliable Cloud-Based Software

With our cloud-based technology, you can provide your customers personalized service through a fully scalable, customizable platform, with all the tools you need right at your fingertips.

Game-Changing Features for Medium-Sized Businesses

Cloud-Based Technology

Unified Reporting

Interactive Voice Response Menus

Fully Integrable with CRM Platforms

Call Recording Functionality

Automated Dialing

While it may only take a few seconds to type just one number, this short amount of time adds up. Our predictive dialer saves your agents from having to input numbers manually, saving them valuable time.
Our platform is based on the cloud, meaning you can instantly scale your services as needed. This allows you to respond immediately to changing customer needs and seasonal demands.
Selmo comes with access to a range of useful reporting tools, making it far easier for you to keep reports organized and up-to-date so that you can make incisive decisions for your business.
IVR menus can help deal with simple, routine issues and can automatically process calls, as well, meaning your customer can get the help they need faster. This, in turn, saves time for your agents, leaving them free to deal with more pressing concerns.
With our platform’s CRM integration, your agents will be able to immediately access any client information they need, better enabling them to cater their service to your customers.
Call recordings have a range of uses that can benefit a call center’s performance. For example, they might be used in training, or to help agents prepare for a follow-up conversation with a client.
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Scale Your Business Easily With Our Flexible Services

Our highly flexible, instantly scalable services enable you to meet rapidly changing client needs, keeping clients happy and boosting the performance of your business.
Our flexible call center software will seamlessly integrate with whatever technology you are already using, meaning you can tailor the ideal solution for your business needs.
Selmo’s analytics feature makes it easier for you to monitor the performance of your whole call center and of individual employees. This empowers you to address problematic issues in your team.
With our self-service feature, customers are able to handle some simple issues on their own — for example, changing personal details. This means agents have more time to deal with complex problems.

Fully Integrable

Call Analytics

Self-Service Functionality for Clients


The range of features we offer our clients sets us apart from many of the other communications solutions out there, providing you with almost unlimited flexibility. In order to provide your customers with the best experience possible and grow as a business, you need call center software that gives you options: Selmo does just that.
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