Creating an Automated Robot Calling Campaign
Step-by-step instructions on how to create an automated robot calling campaign with Selmo
Access Selmo and log in to your account. Go to:

Account → Settings Robot calling Create campaign

Name your call project and provide a description if needed.
Choose the status of your call project as either Active or Suspended. If you select "Active," the call will automatically start after the settings are saved and contacts are loaded based on the schedule set up.

Set up telephony
Enter the number that will be displayed to the customer when the call is made. You can set up the number of simultaneous calls, ranging from 1 to 5, depending on the maximum number of contacts you want to handle.
Set up the waiting time, which consists of the time it takes to connect and the time it takes for the customer to answer.
The optimal time to connect to the customer is 23 seconds, so the customer's phone will ring for 16-18 seconds.

Configure callbacks settings
Set time interval for a callback, and the number of attempts for each reason in the Attempts column. If the customer has multiple numbers, the system dials all numbers in order.

Schedule the working hours by choosing the days and times when the robot should make calls in your time zone.
The robot will only call at the specified time, eliminating calls during night time.

Choose a script that you will use to generate reports for the project.
By default, the "Robot Calling" script is selected, but you can edit it as necessary in the Settings → Scripts section.
Upload or select from previously uploaded audio clips that will be played to the customer after picking up the phone.
The clip should be at least 5 seconds long.

Set up speech recognition to match the customer's responses with the answer options you prepare in the settings.
For example you can set up an action "Send an SMS" for a group of responses such as "yes, let's do it, sure, okay, yeah, let's go."
Set up actions that will be performed when the customer presses a corresponding button, such as transferring the call to an employee or group.

Save the settings and load contacts according to the schedule set up.
The robot can handle up to 25,000 contacts per day.

Monitor the results of your call campaign online, and transfer warm leads to the manager for follow-up.

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