Call Center Average Speed of Answer (ASA): How Do You Track it?

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What is ASA?

Average Speed of Answer (ASA) stands for the fastest way to solve your customers’ questions, problems, or issues resolved. It is one of the Major Key Factors of running an Effective Call Center in the long run and one of the most important metrics. You need to make your metrics monitored, transcribed, and analyzed so you can receive efficient results.

Importance of Low Average Speed of Answer (ASA) in the Call Center

As mentioned before, it’s important to work on your metrics all the time so you can provide your customers with fast and clean services. You receive extra values in an easy measurable format if you achieve the Low Average Speed of Answer (ASA) in your Call Center:
Decreased Call Center Costs

61% of Customers respond they stopped using the company's service because of the poor services they provide. First of all, you spend less money on your Call Center. It always turns out to be a significant profit for your company and gives you resources for scaling your business.

Low Abandonment Rates

Speed is important for successfully reaching the customer. Many customers simply drop their call when they cannot get the company fast enough.

Reduced Handle Time

Don't make your customer wait. With every customer's wasted second, your money is simply ticking away as water through your agent's hand. Until your business can't fulfill your customer's needs fast, you stay with just a few customers daily until you figure out how to work that out.

Customer Satisfaction

Well-served customer is a lifetime customer. If you provide the best quality of your service and the quality of delivering them on top of that, then you become the #1 competitive company on the market for a long time. 

Increased Call Center Agent Satisfaction

Research shows that Call Center Agents suffer from reduced satisfaction due to enormous amounts of negative communication. Long waiting causes irritation which is usually thrown out to agents. That ends up with low productivity of the whole team which leads to profit loss and a long way up to fixing up all the Workflow Process (read our article).

Increased Call Center Agent Efficiency 

It’s a dream to serve your customers with great services and do it fast. Your agents will always be in a Hero Mood as they feel from the customers that they are doing the right thing.

Good First-Call Resolution Rates

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, right? Clients that are getting served in a fast way from the first time are more likely to end up buying your products or services. 

Want to feel the full power of a predictive automatic dialer can give your outbound call center?

How to Calculate ASA?

There is a quite simple and long-time working formula that helps you to stay on top of your ASA rates. Keep it in mind and use at daily basis, so you will reach Great ASA Rates in your Company.

Call Center ASA Formula

ASA = Total Wait Time for Answered Calls/Total # of Answered Calls
So ASA is based on the average amount of time it takes for a call center to answer a phone call from a customer. Also, it is important to mention that you need to add the time the caller is waiting in the queue. But IVR System time navigation is not included in ASA Formula.

Tips to Lower ASA in Your Call Center

Don’t worry, there are plenty of pro-tips, tricks, methods, and advice on how to Lower ASA in Your Call Center. Grab and test them out as soon as you can, you will like the overall results you will receive in the short run. Test them one by one and you will get the overall understanding of how it’s working.

Most of all, you need great team and software to start with, as for your Team it’s really important to:

  • Have fast access to each other, so they can work in the best collaborative way.

  • They can track the whole team's work progress, so they can help each other out.

  • They don’t lose time Dialing, Recalling, or listening to the Phone Dial Tone.

  • They can track clear metrics, so they know the power points of their workforce in real time.
  • Manage Your Workforce
    Case from Selmo:
    Employees and your Team is the most important thing to start with. Make sure your team is well-trained, experienced, and always highly motivated to drive the company by providing great results all the time.

    Don’t start micro-managing or overwhelming your team with impossible plans. If you overwhelm them with an unreal sales plan, that definitely will cause serious problems in the whole Workflow Process (read our article).
  • Improve Call Forecasting
    Case from Selmo:
    Always measure your overall call volume, so you won’t lose your potential customer, profit, brand image, and loyalty, which will be a huge disaster in the long run.
  • Prioritize Continuous Training
    Case from Selmo:
    As mentioned before, Team is the driver of your business. Trends tend to change from day to day and it’s important to keep your business on track.

    Don’t hesitate to spend time and money on providing masterclasses, events, and additional education to your team. It increases employees' satisfaction rate, knowledge, team spirit, and productivity which all together always result in the highest profit for your business.
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