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Our today’s main character is a construction company. Unfortunately, we can’t disclose the brand, but we can say it has lots of real estate projects in large cities.

Having many projects at the same time, the company also needs to maintain a huge workforce. And, because of a turnover, constantly replenish their teams with new members.

Their target workforce is not used to searching for the job online, they need to be reached by phone. And that’s what the recruitment managers are usually doing.

The story

At some point, the construction company got a new project and had to complete the team from scratch to execute it. They needed to hire around 600 people ASAP. But they had only 5 managers to perform the task.

They’ve counted that if they needed 600 people, they’d have to set 3 000 interviews, and for that, they’d need to go through 100 000 contacts. If they would have done this manually, as they usually had, it would have taken one whole year.
100 000 contacts → 60 000 talks → 3 000 interviews → 600 workers
One year to recruit a team in the 21st century! Mindblowing!
At that point they decided to automate the process.
Having heard about our software from one of the employees, who’s worked with us before, they’ve signed up for a predictive dialer and it was a game-changer!

Instead of dialing manually and waiting for the call to be answered, the managers concentrated on talking and setting up interviews.

Try our predictive dialer

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As a result, they’ve completed the recruitment in 3 months! Remember their initial forecast was one year?

The construction project was saved. They’ve met the requirements and finished all the work inside of a deadline due to the professional team they’ve recruited.

The construction company is still using our predictive dialer solution for other projects.
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