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What is a Call Center?

Call Center is a company or a department dealing with the processing of requests and informing via voice communication channels. Call Center can help you to make outgoing calls, manage the process of receiving the incoming calls, establish strong customer experience management, research surveys, and boost overall sales of your company.

What is the Purpose of a Call Center?

Doing business is often related to Call Management, Sales, Customer Experience Management, and Workflow Automation. In this case, it is worth considering partnering with a Call Center

Types of Call Centers

Before investigating the highly competitive market of Call Centers, you should do some research. To pick the call center which meets your business needs better, you need to know the types of Call Centers first. There are 8 Major Types of Call Centers, let’s start:
  • Inbound Call Centers
    Case from Selmo:
    This type of Call Center processes all external traffic of clients in your Business. Work with this type of Call Center if your purpose is to resolve as many customer issues as possible in the short run. The overall calls received by Inbound Call Centers depend on the number of contacting customers. So the call volume can fluctuate from day to day.

    It’s based on employing the agents who are going to receive calls from clients. Inbound Centers are based on solving the Customer Relations issue in the Market — it provides assistance, instructions, and sales service to your customers.

  • Outbound Call Centers
    Case from Selmo:
    Work with Outbound Centers if you need to establish Sales, Promotional Campaigns, or deliver the so-called Welcome Message to the new Clients, where you provide your clients with a warm-hearted hello to establish a first loyal step in your Customer Relation.

    This type of Call Center is focused on reaching new clients or establishing Sales, Cold Sales, and Promotions (read our article about Cold Calls). Cold Calling is quite a hard process to run from scratch, so it’s better to work with an established Center with a great reputation and results under its belt.
  • Automated Call Centers
    Case from Selmo:
    Work with Automated Centers if you are interested in automating the processes in that way so that your agents won’t spend a lot of time dialing or recalling clients. Some of the Key Functions may include: Managing voicemail, Helping Customers Finding Locations, and Interactive Voice Responders.

    Companies can significantly reduce all costs of Call Management with the help of an established Automation Software Solutions. It enables you to process more customers with the same amount of agents. Set it once and just maintain the system. 
  • Multichannel Call Centers
    Case from Selmo:
    Work with this type of Center if you have to establish communication with your clients over multiple channels at once.

    It allows your company's agents to establish strong communication with customers over several channels while each agent channel is operating in isolation mode. It includes voice, email, web page forms, and instant messengers.It’s a forerunner to the Omnichannel Approach to Customer Experience Management. But due to difficulties with a Back-end, Companies are using Omnichannel Centers nowadays. 
  • Omnichannel Call Centers or Contact Centers
    Case from Selmo:
    Use it if you have difficulties switching between several channels and you have to deliver the same messages with each channel separately. This type of Center offers the same key benefits as with Multichannel Centers case, but you won’t need to repeat the message from one channel to another. 

    It’s built on providing multichannel offerings and adding super-enhanced coordination and severe customization. It helps all the departments of your company to be in fast-paced contact with each other, which makes the overall communication more productive.
  • Virtual Call Centers
    Case from Selmo:
    Working great for international business and freelance-based companies. It’s easy to access the services from anywhere in the world, and it’s easy to integrate your existing tools (CRM, Sales Support, Customer Management, etc.) into Virtual Call Centers in a few clicks. 

    Virtual or Cloud-based Centers combine the functions of an Inbound Call Center and Outbound Call Centers with additional features and a great variety of functionality. They can be operated, literally, from anywhere in the world. You need just a device with an internet connection to access the services.
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Classification by Owner

It’s important to understand the Classification by Owner, when you attempt to partner with Call Centers, as it might be the best option for you, to establish an in-house Center
In-House Call Centers

Case from Selmo:
Establishing an in-house Center seems to be a wonderful idea for most business owners, but it requires strong expertise. Fortunately, if you need assistance establishing an in-house center, you can seek advice about all the details.

It’s your own Center which is operating on your behalf. So it’s your responsibility to all operating processes starting from Sales to Management, and Tech side of the project.
Outsourced Call Centers

Case from Selmo:
If you don’t want to spend a lot of time, money, and effort on establishing an in-house Center, you can outsource the whole process. Partnering with the right Center on a long-term cooperation basis can be useful in an appropriate business situation. 

It’s simply an Outsourced Center, it already has all the Software, Methodics, Best Employees, Great Management, Track of Sales Records, and a Deep Understanding of its Competitive Market. Also, it can be expensive.
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Call Center is a company or a department dealing with the processing of requests and informing via voice communication channels.

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