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Case study: microfinancial business

There once was a business that reached out to us in search of a more efficient way to manage loan applications. Here’s what we did and what happened next.
Spoiler: we did find a way, helped implement it, and achieved great results!

Point A

The company had a website where potential customers could apply for a loan via an online application form.

The forms were then transferred to the sales department, which reviewed them, called the customers to confirm their identity, and finalized the deal.
The number of applications received could reach 4000 per day, whereas the sales department only held 4 calling agents. They obviously couldn’t process that amount.


So, the crux of the matter was that the sales department didn’t have capacity enough to process all the incoming applications
Let’s take a momentary pause here. What would you undertake if you were in charge of the department? Share your version in the comments and move on to see what we’ve offered.


First of all, we determined why the employees couldn’t keep up with the incoming applications.

It turned out that the response rate of the calls was not perfect. Time after time the operators dialed in and waited on the line to get no answer. It consumed so much time that out of an 8-hour working shift employees spent ~3 hours on actual talking!

On average an operator could talk to ~180 clients per day.


Then, given we’d learned the core of the problem, we could easily determine an applicable solution.
We are talking of course of a predictive dialing technology. It is a smart algorithm that dials several numbers simultaneously based on your calling statistics so that an operator doesn’t wait for an answer.

Once an operator is available (after a previous call), he is momentarily connected to the next customer, who has, on his side, just picked up the phone.

Point B

Once we applied a predictive dialer, which was relatively easy given that Selmo is cloud-based and can be set in 20 minutes, calling statistics soared up.

Operators were now spending ~6 hours talking and managed to talk to ~360 clients per day without giving any extra effort! This made them happier as their bonuses depended on the number of talks they’d made.

The new technology doubled the performance of the sales team in the very first month of operation.
Later, as the success became visible, the company scaled according to customer demand and 1,5 years later the sales department increased from 4 to 55 people. They’ve also implemented subdivisions according to product groups and even launched an outbound support line to advise current clients.
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