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Meet Max!

Max owns a company that produces and distributes beauty products and supplements.
Outbound calling is a vital sales channel for them, as they’re contacting their ex-customers regularly.


At the time Max contacted us, they were already using an auto-dialer, but it didn’t bring as much improvement as desired. The reach rate hovered at around ~50%, meaning they could reach half of the contacts.
Thoughts? As usual, we are offering you to come up with solutions here! What would you do in Max’s place?

We started to investigate

And easily determined that Max was using the wrong type of auto dialer.

* It was dialing numbers sequentially, taking forever to get to the bottom of the list. It could also dial the same number twice, which irritated customers intensely.
*to avoid stepping on the same rake check out our previous post on dialer choice


Instead, we offered a predictive dialer, which dials several numbers at the same time and connects operators to those who’ve picked up.
It instantly boosted their reach rate to 80%!
As to excessive calls, there’s a foolproof solution for that in Selmo. We have a built-in CRM, so call status changes instantly and doesn’t let the system dial the same number twice. Also, the agent has to change this status to move to the next call, so this step can’t be ignored.


Little but precise changes led to great results. 

For example, each agent now makes twice the amount of calls they’ve managed before. Sales increased by the same rate!
And last, but not least: Max was delighted! 

He finally created an excellent operational flow, where no minute is thrown away, every detail is in its place and failure risk is minimized.
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