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Wondering how to start a call center business in South Africa? Between planning, budgeting, and hiring employees, the process can certainly seem overwhelming! But with a few pointers, you can find out how to be the owner of your very own call center business.
In this article, we explain how to start a call center business, thinking about every step of the process, from planning your business and figuring out your budget to hiring employees and expanding your company. Read on to find out more!

Planning for Your Call Center Business

When thinking about how to start a call center business from home, the first thing to note is that it takes an awful lot of planning. This section covers what you’ll need to consider in this stage.
1. Decide what sort of call center it will be

If you want to start a call center business, you should start by thinking about what type of call center you want to run. Will it be on-site or virtual? Will the focus of your company be on incoming or outgoing calls? How many employees will you need, and how will you recruit these employees?
2. Determine your main goals

Next, start thinking about your goals. For example, do you have a specific revenue target for the year? Would you like to grow beyond a small business? Thinking about these questions will help you figure out your next steps.
3. Choose a suitable business location

When thinking about location, consider things like overhead, corporate laws, and average wages. With cloud-based software like Selmo’s, you can base your call center wherever suits you.
4. Handle the necessary paperwork

Next, you’ll need to sort out the relevant permits, licenses, and other pieces of paperwork. Carefully examine existing corporate laws to find out what responsibilities you have.

Thinking About Your Call Center Budget

Once you’ve laid out your plans, it’s time to start thinking about how much money you need to achieve your goals. Follow the steps below when laying out your budget.
Map out your business plan
When thinking about how to start a virtual call center business, you should consider your business plan. Hopefully, you’ve already given this some thought at this point, but you should try to develop it further, thinking about projected sales, equipment costs, your employees’ salaries, and other expenses.
Decide on an appropriate budget
Once you’ve written up a detailed business plan, you can then start thinking about how the amount of funding you need and how it will be spent. Many businesses fail because their owners do not pay adequate attention to this step.
Acquaint yourself with local and state regulations
Now is the time to file any remaining paperwork and get in touch with your local tax office. Make sure to review all relevant regulations thoroughly to ensure you stay on the right side of the law.
Purchase whatever equipment you might need
The equipment you’ll need for your call center employees will be a significant investment. Computers, headsets, phones, telephone lines, office supplies—all these expenses will soon add up. 
If you need call center software, as well, consider purchasing it from us. Our cutting-edge technology will help boost the performance of your employees without breaking the bank.
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Building Your Call Center Team

At this stage, you’re ready to hire your call center employees. A call center is only as good as its employees, so make sure you exercise due diligence in the recruitment process when looking to start your own call center.
  • Start thinking about how many employees you’ll need
    Return to your business plan, thinking about the goals you have for your call center and your desired business setup. Keeping these factors in mind, decide how many employees you’ll need to bring on to meet your ends. 
  • Plan out the training process for new employees
    Next, start thinking about how you’re going to go about recruiting employees. For example, for an on-site call center, you will probably focus on hiring employees in your area. At this stage, you should also be thinking about what qualities you’re looking for in your employees.
  • Make sure new employees get the appropriate training
    Once you’ve brought on board your employees, make sure you put in place rigorous training and coaching programs to help employees perform at their best.

Establishing a Client Base for Your Call Center

The next thing to consider when thinking about how to start a virtual call center is where you’re going to find clients. The thinking points below should give you a few ideas to help you get started.
  • Get in touch with companies that outsource work
    When it comes to finding clients, adopting a BPO model can be a good path to take. Outsourcing can be a great way of getting business, as companies looking to outsource their work will provide you with a steady stream of business.
  • Look for online businesses that need a call center
    Another way to find clients is to search online for any companies in need of call center work. Useful search terms include “work-from-home customer service,” “tech support,” or “telephone sales.”
  • Run marketing campaigns and utilize networking opportunities
    Finally, use advertising to get the word out about your business; make sure that you maintain a lively online presence, as well. Networking is another important step in establishing a client base, whether you’re meeting people at conferences or connecting with people virtually.

Thinking About Business Expansion

Once you’ve established your business, you might start thinking about expansion, whether to other parts of Africa or even further afield. If this is the case, follow the steps below to ensure it goes smoothly.
1. Bring new employees on board

When expanding your business, you will need to hire more employees. Make sure the employees you hire fit in well with your team’s current dynamic.
2. Relocate to a larger HQ

To grow your business, you will need a larger space. This is to accommodate all your new employees and any new equipment you have to acquire for them.
3. Thinking about your niche

By focusing on a niche in the market, you increase your chances of finding a loyal customer base for your call center, as you can guarantee the market need for your business is there. Start thinking about what niche your business could fill.

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